Precision Engineering
Our core competency is precision engineering and manufacturing processes, using multiple machining functions of turning, drilling, milling and metal removal through the use of 200 Swiss-made Tornos automatic lathes and technology.

Our machining material includes:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Nickel silver
  • Aluminum

    Finishing Processes
    Our finishing processes include:
  • Surface Treatment such as precision hardening, tempering, polishing, deburring and passivation
  • Plating such as lead-free solder, electroless and electrolytic nickel, silver and gold
  • State of the art ultra sonic treatment

    Metrology Solutions
    Our systematic production and quality control measures are supported by a proficient metrology set-up.
    Some of our high-tech instruments include:
  • X-Ray Thickness Tester
  • Vision System
  • Roundness Tester
  • Roughness Tester
  • Hardness Tester

    Tool Room Services
    Our Tool Room provides precision spare parts fabrication services for the automatic lathe and gear hobbing machines, carbide tooling with jigs and fixtures. Production is supported by a total of 35 Swiss-made tooling machines.

    Some of our tooling machines include:
  • CNC Cam Milling Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Milling Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • Universal Grinding Machine
  • EDM
  • Drilling Machine
  • Band Saw Machine
  • Jig Boring Machine
  • Chamfering Machine

    Our Products
    We supply a wide range of mechanical components to major player in the following industries:
  • Medical
  • Watches
  • Disc Drives
  • Telecommunication
  • Electronic
  • Automotives
    Certificate SG07/1267
    Certicate MY07/0259/QS
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